Estimate Form

    Is there currently a leak on your property?

    If YES, is the leak visible?

    Would you like to replace/upgrade your water supply pipe?

    Is your water mains supply single or shared?

    Do you know where the Water Company's boundary stopcock is?

    Do you know where the internal rising main stopcock is?
    (Often located beneath the sink units, it turns off the water to the whole house.)
    Property Location

    Is the internal rising main stopcock on a perimeter wall (i.e. The other side of this wall is outside the building) or is it located on a completely internal wall (i.e. In an airing cupboard in the middle of the house or on a wall in the centre of the house)?
    Wall Location

    Is the internal stopcock easily accessible - is there enough clearance to work on the rising mains with hand tools?

    Is it boxed in or tiled over?

    If you are looking to replace your water supply, do you want to connect to your existing internal stop valve?

    If no, where would you like your new internal stop valve to be located?

    What is the approximate distance between the boundary stopcock and internal stopcock in metres?
    Distance in metres

    Is it on a slope?

    What surfaces are above the line of pipe, from boundary stopcock to internal stopcock?
    SoilGrassGravelConcreteSlabsTarmacBlock PavioursPatterned Concrete

    When looking at the approximate line of the pipe are the following items on or near it?
    TreesHedgingManhole Covers/Drain GulliesStepsRetaining Wall

    If there is a retaining wall, what is its approx. height?
    Height in metres