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Self Lay
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Chiltern Mains are accredited by Lloyds Register as a WIRS (Water Industry Registration Scheme) contractor to install new Water Mains and Services, which usually would need to be carried out by your local Water Authority.

When you receive a quote from your Water Authority for a new service connection or new mains installation, you are allowed to gain comparative estimates from a WIRS accredited company. This can prove to be a cost & time effective option for you.

As we are a trenchless specialist, we always look to utilise Directional Drilling & Moling wherever possible to minimise disruption & traffic management requirements for our customers.

As we are EUSR accredited in Pressure Testing, Fusion Welding & Chlorination, we are able to carry out the multiple stages of your new installation in one convenient package.

We are also able to arrange all traffic management & associated council permits, and can communicate directly with the Water Authority once authorised, saving our clients much time and stress along the way!

We are capable & happy to assist a range of customers from extensive development projects right down to private homeowners.

Please feel free to contact us with your requirements, and our friendly team will be very happy to help.