Mains Replacement

Water mains replacement
Replacement of domestic water mains piping
Moling For Water Mains installation

Where the water pipe is in poor condition, or the customer elects to have a new mains water replacement supply pipe, our engineers will install a new water mains piping service quickly and with minimum disruption using impact moling wherever possible.

An impact mole is an air-driven device which is launched from a small pit (usually 2.5ft x 1 ft), which punches its way through the ground to a receiving pit.

The soil is compacted outwards to create a smooth, almost glazed, bore which allows a pipe to be installed quickly, without an unsightly trench. Apart from the small launch/receive pits, there is very little disruption!

As with water mains repairs, our engineers take great care to protect surrounding surfaces, by placing excavated spoil on ground sheets or in containers.

Water Mains Replacement

The new replacement water pipe sits loosely inside the smooth bore; where the pipe is in contact with excavated soil in the launch/receive pits, it is sleeved for protection.

Old Water Mains Replacement

The result is a quick, tidy installation, with peace of mind backed up by our 15 year guarantee.