Water Mains Repairs

Leak detection from water pipe
Water pipe leak under hard surface
Leak detection of eater pipes in farmers field
Leak detection of water under block paving
Leak detected and repaired of water pipe
Water mains leak detection
Reinstatement after water leak detection and repair
Water leak detection
water mains repair
water mains repair and back to the original condition
Tidy water mains repair
Original surface after water mains repiar
Original grass surace after water mains repair
Water mains repairs
Repair water mains
Water mains pipe repair
Industrial park water pipe repair

We utilise specialist leak detection equipment and techniques to help locate the point of leakage on your water supply pipe. Once we have located the area of leakage, our experienced engineers will then assess the most effective and economic way to stop the leakage on your water supply.

Although conditions are often quite poor due to the water pipe leakage, our engineers are always very careful to respect and protect our customers’ property. Excavated spoil is either put onto ground sheets, or into containers, to minimise soiling the surfaces.

When the water mains pipe repair is completed, the excavated soil is re-used, if suitable, or removed from site.

Our engineers are also trained in the reinstatement of all surfaces, so that the mains repair will usually be completed in one visit. Should ground conditions be very poor and the affected area be used by pedestrians or vehicles, we will either use fresh backfill material or use soil stabiliser, which firms up wet spoil.