Terms & Conditions


‘Chiltern Mains’ means P P Harvey and H K Harvey , trading as Chiltern Mains at 2 Chinnor Hill, Chinnor OX39 4BH
‘Contract’ means the contract between the Customer and Chiltern Mains which incorporates these terms and conditions
‘Customer’ means person firm or company requesting services from Chiltern Mains
‘Materials’ means any materials or equipment agreed to be supplied and installed as part of the services provided to the Customer


This Contract is to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions and no variation of the terms and conditions is possible unless agreed in writing and signed by by the Customer and on behalf of Chiltern Mains.


In certain situations, with prior notification, a call out fee of £ 25 – £ 75 may be charged to the Customer where Chiltern Mains attend premises in order to prepare an estimate. This call out fee will be deducted from the price payable by the Customer on completion of the job.


a) Chiltern Mains will prepare an estimate on the basis of an hourly rate plus Materials.

b) All estimates provided to the Customer remain valid for 3 months and after 3 months the Customer must request a new estimate.

c) Chiltern Mains reserve the right to increase the estimate in the event the job becomes more time consuming and /or involves the use of additional Materials than originally anticipated and in this event :-

i) Where this becomes apparent within the first 25% ( distance or time) of the anticipated works, Chiltern Mains agree to notify the Customer of this verbally or in writing as soon as reasonably possible.
ii) Where the Customer no longer wishes to proceed with the job on the revised estimate, they agree to notify Chiltern Mains in writing
iii) Chiltern Mains will charge the Customer for the time spent on the job at the hourly rate stated above and for Materials used until the date this notification is received.
iv) Where adverse conditions become apparent after completing 25% of the time or distance of anticipated works, Chiltern Mains reserve the right to complete the work and to make a charge further to the estimate, based on further time taken and/or materials used.


Before commencing work Chiltern Mains require a deposit of (variable) % of the estimate which shall be paid by cheque payable to Chiltern Mains or bank transfer.


a) Chiltern Mains will use all reasonable endeavours to complete the job in a reasonable time frame but time shall not be the essence in the performance of their obligations.

b) As a consequence of Chiltern Mains working on pipework and the restoration of full pressure it is possible that rust and/or limescale deposits in the Customer’s existing pipework (including internal) may occasionally become loosened. This is beyond our control and whilst Chiltern Mains flush pipes through as part of their services, they do not accept responsibility for any adverse effects which these rust and/or limescale deposits may cause to any part of the Customer’s internal plumbing system or appliances.

c) Chiltern Mains may be required to reinstate ground surface coverings (such as concrete, tarmac or block paving) following completion of a job and in this event the Customer accepts the following :-

i) That there may be differences in the shade or colour of the ground surface coverings used due to the difference in age of the Materials which is unavoidable.

ii) That where certain ground conditions exist which have prevented leaked water from draining effectively, that unavoidable settlement of the newly laid ground surface coverings may later occur as the residual water dries out. Chiltern Mains shall not be responsible for laying new ground surface coverings.

iii) In the circumstances in 6(c)(ii) Chiltern Mains may advise the Customer that a temporary surface covering is appropriate whilst the site to fully dries. In this event the Customer may utilise their own reinstatement contractor under a separate agreement and at their own expense. Alternatively, Chiltern Mains will charge an additional sum for the time spent re-visiting the site to install the permanent ground surface coverings


a) The price payable will be the amount of the estimate (including any revised estimate provided in accordance with clause 4(c) above.

b) Unless otherwise agreed in writing beforehand, payment is due on the day of completion of the job by cash, cheque (payable to Chiltern Mains) or BACS bank transfer. Interest will be charged to the Customer on outstanding payments at a rate of 3% per annum above base rate of Lloyds /TSB on a daily basis from the due date to the date of actual payment

c) Chiltern Mains will retain legal and beneficial ownership of all Materials until payment in full has been received.


The guarantee term is 15 years and covers against defective pipe material, poor workmanship and failure of direct connections.

Excluded from the guarantee is accidental damage by individuals or physical forces such as ground slip, heave, subsidence or the effects of tree roots. The guarantee is nullified by excavations on to, or further connections to the supply pipe or any modifications made by parties other than Chiltern Mains.

Old -side of connections made to existing pipework will be guaranteed for 2 years.